Turn your old photos and digital snapshots into unique photo gifts to celebrate life today and for future generations! I help you get it done.


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housewarming gift

Made with FaceBook photos posted during new house construction.  My client gets the glory for a fabulous gift!

surprise christmas gift

The recipient didn't know these photos existed. Special family memories to share with her son of those passed on.

Antique replica book

This was a surprise brought to the annual family reunion.  Now everybody can have their own copy of the antique photos!

How do I have a photobook made for myself?

As a Certified Legacy Planner, I am an ambassador for the Living Legacy Project.

This is a super easy, ingenious way for every day people to create a legacy for their family, friends and future generations.  No special computer skills needed! 

*A great way for caregivers to help their loved one add meaning and purpose to their life. 

*Help the children in your family learn how they fit into this world and walk with the strength of their ancestors. 

It is AMAZING to see photos come to life with a loved one's voice narrating the memory!

Take the first step to protect your memories. Legacy Matters... Pass it On!

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